Wednesday, May 18, 2011

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean & Silver Shatter

So I got these Pirates of the Caribbean nail polishes a little while ago but decided to hold off on wearing/writing about them. I know that they've been out for a while but I figured it was more appropriate to wear/write now that the movie is actually about to come out (this coming Friday). But anyways, I love them with the silver shatter! The little package that I got came with four of the six POTC colors that OPI offers, and they're all great colors for spring/summer.

I got Skull & Crossbones, Planks a Lot, Sparrow Me the Drama and Stranger Tides. I was actually a little disappointed because the two colors that I was really interested in - Steady as She Rose and Mermaid's Tears - weren't included in the bundle, but ultimately I decided I would rather try out more of the colors.
The silver shatter showed up the best on the purple shade, Planks a Lot. But the colors that I liked best were the pink, Sparrow Me the Drama, and the pale green, Stranger Tides. The gray-ish hue also looked nice, but overall it just didn't stand out that much and usually I like my polishes to stand out.
Sorry the picture above is a little blurry! But I wanted to attempt to show how each polish looked. Here are some more pictures of how they turned out, I have the silver shatter on top of each color. Ultimately I ended up painting both hands the Stranger Tides shade with the silver shatter over it.

Monday, May 16, 2011

H&M Rock Ring

Today I took these pictures because I kind of liked the way that my hair & makeup turned out for work (believe me, sometimes it ends up looking nothing like I pictured it). I have to wear all black where I work, but I liked the way my simple outfit turned out with a few light and springy colors mixed in (my hot pink bra straps kept showing but eventually I decided just to let them because I thought it looked decent with my purple tank). Little did I know, the best part about it was actually the ring I was wearing - I got a ton of compliments on it! As one client put it: "it really makes a statement, doesn't it?" I got it from H&M for $4.95 I think. But anyways, I thought I'd share it since it was a fabulous little part of my day. :)


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lady Gaga Wonder Shoes

These Void of Course shoes that Lady Gaga wore on American Idol this week are awesome. They're a little obscene, but I kind of love them. If I could afford the $4,500 that they cost, I would totally rock them. Where to, I am not sure of. But I would rock them nontheless.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Product Review: Essie Nail Polish

Essie nail polish has been making itself known lately. I first noticed them earlier in the year when I had to start paying attention to magazine advertisements for school. After taking an Advertising & Promotion Management class (and getting a B!) I can’t help paying attention to and analyzing ads now. Essie’s got advertisements everywhere. You can find their ads on about every other page of every magazine that has anything to do with beauty and/or fashion. I was interested in trying their polish but when I noticed that it was nearly $8 per tiny-sized bottle I became skeptical. At least with OPI you get a decent amount of product for your money. Normally I’m just not willing to pay that much for nailpolish. Unless it’s Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure… because that stuff is awesome. HOWEVER, when Kate Middleton (I mean, Duchess Catherine) wore Essie in her wedding I figured it had to be good. Either that or they had to spend a ton of money to get her to do so. Whatever the reason may be, it made me want to try the brand. Lucky for Essie I’m very easily influenced by celebrities. I even went to Wal-Mart intending to buy the same Allure shade that Kate wore, but when I got there I realized it was a little to pale for my taste. Maybe she felt the same since she blended it with something else. So I tried a couple shades pinker and bought Limo Scene (their shade names are clever, right? they have one called After Sex that I want to try…).

The polish color turned out to be a little whiter than I imagined it but I still really liked it. And the consistency of the polish itself is really nice. It’s super shiny on it’s own even before a top coat and it dries quicker than most nail polishes. The only issue is the size of the bottle, and also the fact that I like my nails to be pretty bold. I’m guessing that the Limo Scene color was made for someone who prefers more natural looking nails, because I had to use 4 coats to get the shade to look the way I wanted it to, which makes the bottle go by really quickly and in the end not really worth it for $8. The darker shade only took the typical two coats so I definitely felt like it was worth it. If you’re going to do your nails a lighter shade I would recommend going with a cheaper brand, but for a darker shade Essie makes great polish! I ended up going back and buying another shade called Angora Cardi which is a maroon-ish color and pictured below.

Here are a couple pictures of how my nails turned out… please ignore the sloppy manicure! That’s what you get when your hands shake like you’re elderly. From a distance you can’t notice I promise :)


Spring Fever

It’s wedding season! I wore this outfit to my friend/coworker’s bridal shower last weekend. I’ve been to a baby shower but never a bridal shower, so I was a little unsure of what to wear. And I was probably a little overdressed but then again I usually am! Once I put the outfit on I loved it - it was so comfortable and had the most perfect springtime colors mixed together. There’s just something about spring that makes clothing feel that much more enjoyable!


“Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.” -Unknown

This is transferred from my tumblr account....

Last weekend was Mother’s Day (yes, I know I’m a little late) so I figured I would dedicate this post towards all of the mommas out there! I went to see my mom which was nice, since she lives about an hour away and I rarely get to see her. Here are a few photos of me.. what I wore that day.. and of course my lovely mother & I. Not to mention a picture of us from 19 years ago!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My first blog post! Not exactly sure what to say… but I felt like I should do some sort of an introductory post. I’m Olivia, and basically this is a place for me to just post my thoughts, photos, stories (any good ones at least) and notes on fashion, style, art and anything else that my scatter-brained mind can handle. To anyone who might be taking a look: welcome and enjoy!